Im Fallin’ For Fall

Ive decided to stop trying to catch up with all of random pictures that have been building up on my camera. Today Im starting fresh.

I couldnt wait for Oct 1. Thats the day I drag out the fall/halloween stuff. I have also gone out and bought some new things too. Like this pumpkin jar. And my beloved Candy Corn.
6oct08 067

One thing I cant wait for is the CoffeeMate pumpkin spice creamer. The website says hits stores usually in Oct. Im still waiting. The liquid version is at the walmarts but not the powder. Also, in Hawaii they have yummy pumpkin coffee at the commy. Saturday we found this at Cracker Barrel.
6oct08 038

And when we bought out all the flavoring from Dakota coffee, Melissa and I each got a bottle of this…
6oct08 068
I still need to figure out a good recipe for a nice blended pumpkin drink so if anyone knows one please share!

And finally the yearly foot print ghost. I’ll dig out the others and take a picture of them all together. This is year 4.
6oct08 069

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  • Kelipso

    Awww the Footpring Ghostie!! LOVES! I haven’t done one for the boys in 2 years… BAD MAMA!

    Ok… wait… WHERE can I find pumpkin coffee at the commi?! YOU MUST TELL MEEEEE 😀

  • Jill

    yummmmmmmmmmmmmm please dont tell me you prefer powder over liquid ?? your crazzzzzzzzy liquid is MUCH creamier 😉 i just bought a bottle last publix run. the coffee looks yum minus the pecan …. lol. im not a pecan nut fan

  • April Elizabeth

    I love the footprint! What a great idea. I might have to steal it for my little one! Just seeing “pumpkin” anything makes me excited for fall!