Year In Photos

Thanks to Donna for giving me this idea and thanks to Flickr for keeping all of my photos achived by month/day which makes this a lot easier on me.

My 2008…


Layla and I were in Tucson for Christmas because Thomas was in Iraq.

And she had bangs.

We got to meet Prince Eric for the first time and I had an issue over doing eyes…

Back in Hawaii we hiked to the lighthouse with Steph and Jon. Thankfully he was there to carry Cody on his back AND push Layla in the stroller because I dont think I would have made it LOL


Layla turned 3.

And Stephanie found the redneck teeth.

Sorry Steph, I had to. It still totally cracks me up 🙂

We flew kites on Valentine’s day

And we saw Montgomery Gentry FREE on post. And Bowling for Soup. Layla loved it!
Feb2308 145


In March we went running at the beach every Tuesday
Feb1208 010

Layla took swim classes which in the end made it where I could wash her hair at night with no death screams 🙂

I ended my Project 365 on my Myspace blog with this picture


In April I started this blog 🙂 And I was a little obsessed with these morning glory seeds we planting on easter.

Also, Thomas came home in April super skinny
April2008 046

And I got me free Senseo 🙂 It’s kinda junk but I like it


In May I took pictures for Genna when her husband came home. Navy homecomings are so fun!

My morning glory sprout took over the whole plant stand
08MAY08 002

And I FINALLY made it to a lantern floating ceremony!
26MAY08 065


In June Patio came to visit us even though we didnt have any furniture…just Aloha loaner furniture.

She found love with the Chief 😉

And Layla learned the truth about where the pig at the luau comes from…the hole in the ground.

And the best thing that happened in June…
Baby K was born and Cody became a big brother 🙂

June was also when we left Hawaii and some of our best friends 🙁


We realized that Arizona is a bit hotter than Hawaii in the summer

We spent the 4th of July in Tucson

And then went to San Diego and Sea World with Sasha, Chae, and Easton

And after a lot of driving and some Starbucks and a night in San Antonio we arrived in Enterprise, AL…

And we bought our first house and had our furniture delivered a couple days before Thomas left to MO for 2 months.
29JUL08 001


We got Bunker. And he was sick.
04Aug08 005

Then we met the Wilkins family. Thank heavens for them!
09Aug08 021

And Tropical Storm Fay blew through and shot a branch through our roof leaving tons of water damage.
22Aug08 142

And when Bunker didn’t make it the breeder replaced him with Revo who used to be small
22Aug08 084


Cody and Layla had a webcam date
05Sept08 030

I fell in love with blue birds
16Sept08 104

Thomas came home from BNOC and we went to Panama City with Rocky
27Sept08 013

And I got Starbucks with Melissa and the girls in Dothan 🙂
24Sept08 001


Thomas signed in with his unit here at Rucker and we went to the MP Ball the next day
6oct08 011

It stormed and dumped rain. Layla and I spent an afternoon in the closet “fort” during a tornado warning.
oct908 004

We were fine…other houses werent
oct908 017

I chopped off my hair
15oct2008 038

And we went to the pumpkin patch
18oct2008 063

Layla got tights
For Jill :)

And was a cat for Halloween 🙂
28oct2008 028


The leaves started changing which was a GREAT difference from Hawaii

Thomas got a lightening mcqueen
22Nov08 003

I found a dead bat
Dead Bat

And after Thanksgiving we put up the Christmas tree 🙂
28Nov08 015


In December I went a little nuts with the light bokeh
08DEC08 005

And we went to Christmas City
Christmas City, Ariton, AL

Layla had her first dentist appt and got a stamp
21DEC08 019

We made cookies for Santa
23DEC08 018

There were a lot of big changed in our lives this year. Let’s hope 2009 is a good one 🙂

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  • April Elizabeth

    This is really cool! I’m going to have to steal your idea! I can’t believe how much Layla grew this year. The little girl in the first picture looks nothing like the big girl in the last ones!

  • Katie

    Awesome idea, and I may just snag it…I was looking back and thinking, “Oh wow, I remember that, and awww, I miss going to Ko Olina too and I remember you talking about flying kites on HMW.” Man oh man, this year did fly by.

  • Steph

    Hahaha…we were talking about that picture of me earlier today 🙂 That one will always make me laugh. Seeing all those photos made me miss you guys more than we already do. I love this idea so much. If I’m not lazy I might steal it…but we both know how good I am about updating my blog. Hope you have a wonderful start to your 2009. Hau’oli Makahiki Hau.