2009: A Year In Photos.

It’s just about that time again. I’m doing this a few days early this year. Last year’s Year In Photos was posted on New Year’s Eve. This year however we will be driving up to Tennessee to spend a couple nights with some really good old Hawaii friends that we haven’t seen in a long time. So here it goes…



we screened in one half of the breeze way so the dogs wouldn’t run away while we were on vacation.

We flew to Arizona and were able to see the WHOLE family for Sasha’s wedding


Layla and I rode back to San Diego and hung out with Chae and Easton for a few days. While we were there Chae went to a school dance.

I got to see the other half to my M&M, Michelle.
BFF <3

And Layla turned 4 with a brand new pair of frog boots.

When we got home Layla and Elizabeth started preschool together
vacation 317

The best part of February…Rik retired and was flown out to live with us! Thank you www.militaryworkingdogadoptions.com!
Feb1609 027


On March 1st it snowed. Not a TON but enough to make for some really excited kids! Especially Layla!
March109 017

I got suckered into taking a starter bag of Amish friendship bread. As GOOD as it was I don’t ever want that much in my house ever again.

Layla and I went fishing hella early in the morning with Thomo and some of the other K9 guys and their families.
22march09 020

And she got a big girl bike!
22march09 030

Finally, I flew to Tucson again (this time with NO kid) to be in Callie’s wedding. Of course we couldn’t pass up a chance to go to Savers together to shop and laugh 🙂


April 1st was my best friend’s wedding 🙂 How cute are we with out straight hair 😛

After getting back home to Alabama we spent the day in Florida with our neighbors on their boat. We pulled in somewhere for lunch and T took a shot of something really gross involving an oyster so I could take home the shot glass 🙂
Oyster Shooter 1

Layla started taking ballet
My Little Dancer

And then she hunted for Easter eggs
12April09 048

Finally, I got to experience the joy of drag racing in Alabama
25April09 017


In May Layla and I finally stopped to try the “Hawaiin” Shaved Ice stand in Dothan.
06May09 120

She joined a tee ball team
19May09 036

We spent a lot of time sitting on the porch enjoying thunder storms and coffee. Well I enjoyed the coffee anyway…
52 Weeks - Week 21

And spent time with friends. I wonder if this is when she started becoming obsessed with yellow…
25May09 019


Layla practiced her golf swing
02June09 011

I saw our backyard turtle again for 1 day
06June09 009

April had one heck of a ride to Dothan which resulted in Preston becoming a big brother!
12June09 008

Revo found a love for water
13June09 027

I realized Florida is NOT Hawaii.
15June09 024

We found a love for the splash park/pool on post
25June09 020


Thomas went to Warrant Officer school and I did a Week In The Life photo project which resulted in a LOT of pictures.
WITL - Monday

Tee ball season ended and we celebrated with ice cream
09July09 041

Preston had a birthday party that we went to
11July09 052

And Thomas had a car wash that we went to
11July09 004

Thomas also had a pass on his birthday so we got to meet him at the bowling alley
26July09 013


Thomas graduated and became a warrant officer
04Aug09 029

A Wordless Wednesday blog post let the world know that Layla was going to be a Big Sister
In March 2010 L will be a...

Layla started her first day of the school year at a new preschool ready to go in her “Hannah Montana” shoes
24Aug09 007

We got to see the new bambino

And we attended our first southern high school football game. It’s a lot more serious here than in Tucson!
28Aug09 009


This was a slow photo month. We drove up to Montgomery in the rain to go to the zoo…in the rain. It stopped eventually and turned out to be a fun trip
30Aug09 022

Went to the beach for the 2nd time and had a much better experience. No green slime water!
September09 006

Went up to Montgomery for a drag race that was canceled. They played cars for a bit and then we stopped at Publix for sammiches on the way home.
18Sept09 012

Layla’s school went on a field trip to a petting zoo
22Sept09 012


Went to the New Brockton Homecoming Parade with April and the kids
08OCT09 014

Had blue birds checking out the box in the yard
13OCT09 026

Put a BumpIt in Layla’s hair
18OCT09 007

Joined Layla’s school for a field trip to the pumpkin patch
20OCT09 013

Carved our pumpkins
Guess What??

Took Princess Belle Trick or Treating with the Wilkins fam
31OCT09 017


In November we went to the National Peanut Festival
06Nov09 033

Took a tour of Krispy Kreme
11Nov09 027

We went fishing again and Layla and I caught a fish 🙂
15Nov09 028

Worked on college classes
Wednesday Night Fun

Made crepes with friends
24Nov09 009

And we jumped in leaf piles
28Nov09 005


In December we drove around and and counted wreaths on houses
8 Wreaths

Layla had her first ballet performance
05Dec09 013

Drove home from Dothan and realized Enterprise was having ugly weather while Dothan was nice
15Dec09 010

Went to see Layla as an angel at her school’s Christmas Program
Third Day Of Christmas

Did the 12 Days Of Christmas in photos
12 Days Of Christmas

And had a great Christmas with our little family and some great friends as well as a million new toys 🙂
25Dec09 018

And that is it! 2009. A lot has happened this year and so much different from last year. Can’t wait to do it all again next December! Also, starting January 1, 2010 I am starting the Project 365 again. A photo a day to document 2010. I have started up a new blog just for that at GirlMeetsCam365. I will still be posting every day things here as well. That is just so I can keep those photos in their own special place. Thank you all for hangin in there with me this year!

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