Easy & Cheap DIY Advent Calendar

I need to thank Kelle at Enjoying The Small Things for posting a super cute, easy, fun, CHEAP (heck ya!) version of an advent calendar…along with some other cute holiday crafts. Check out her post here.

I loved everything about it! But SmallTown, Alabama is seriously lacking a JoAnns. There’s a Hancock in Dothan but that’s all the way in Dothan. I decided to check out what the Walmarts had to offer us. They were fresh out of any kind of cheap mittens but DID had 4 packs of mini stockings for $1! Nice!

I got 3 in red and 3 in green. Then two 12 packs of mini clothes pins that took forever to find. They’re in the office supply section. Who knew? And then a 5 yard spool of gold ribbon. After checking out I thought maybe a ball of twine would be better and might look better with the little clothes pins but after finishing it all I like the gold. It’s festive 🙂

Throw in a freakin $6 bag of mixed candy and we’re ready to go!

23Nov10 008

23Nov10 009

23Nov10 011

After getting everything ready and finding the perfect helper we started pinning.

23Nov10 010

Layla stuck pins on alternating colored stockings and handed them to me to pin to the ribbon

23Nov10 013

23Nov10 012

For some reason I was not expecting it to be this long

23Nov10 015

And ta-da!

(Ignore the creepy History Channel guy talking about Wyatt Earp.)

23Nov10 017

Looking back I should have totally stuck the candy in BEFORE hanging it up. It’s a little saggy now between the pins stuck in the middle of the strand but whateva. Not noticeable enough for me to bother fixing it. It works.

I like this view too
23Nov10 020

I just love Christmas. Every. Single. Part.

23Nov10 022

And because what’s a post without some boys in it too?

23Nov10 018

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