The Day After – Coming Out of the Food Coma

I’m pretty good…ok REALLY good at picking out all the little annoyances and anything that can be wrong during my day. Of course since yesterday was Thanksgiving I was able to look past all the ‘bad’ and be more aware of what I am really thankful for. Something I should do more than one day a year.

25Nov10 011

This has been a big year for us and I have a LOT to be thankful for.

Like him. Things with this one could have been better but they could have been SO much worse. We are lucky to have such a fat healthy boy.

25Nov10 005

And her. She has her OMG why did I have kids moments but she is the BEST big sister. She is SO smart and funny and sweet.

25Nov10 012

Some other things topping my I’m Super Thankful For list are:

Thomo. He’s my best friend. And for all of us surviving flight school even with the whole Birmingham drama on top of it.

Great friends in Alabama. Some have left, some are leaving, and some are stuck here forever and I love every one of them.

My parents. They’re far away and I don’t talk to them near as much as I should but I wouldn’t trade them for any other parents in the world.

And again, the Army. We are well taken care of and have been places and met people that I never would have without it.

Yesterday we went over to the Wilkins house for the 3rd year in a row (every one of our Alabama Thanksgivings)

25Nov10 019

It was Timmy’s first (if you don’t count me eating for both of us last year)

25Nov10 021

I didn’t take as many pictures as I wanted…like ANY pretty much. NONE of the girls.

I did capture T saving the day rolling the crescents that were forgotten until the last minute

25Nov10 023

And the Wilkins…es? in the kitchen doing everything. I’m not too sure Melissa would have it any other way though 😛

25Nov10 025

And on another note – Since I don’t put ANYTHING in TF’s baby book (poor second child) I just want to document here that yesterday he started clapping! Woo! And you cant keep this boy down. If he can pull up on it he will. Trouble.

Now it’s time to go drag T out of bed and make him get the tree out so Layla and I can set it up!

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One Comment

  • Zonie54

    I love your blog today! I am so thankful I have you and your family! And Thankful your happy and healthy! Thankful Thomas came into your life!!
    I love you!! 🙂