2010: A Year In Photos

As another year comes to an end here comes another A Year In Photos post. It has been a big year for us with a lot of changes all around. So here it goes…
We spent New Years in TN with some old Hawaii friends.
01-2Jan2010 016
On January 14th I hit my 30 weeks preggo mark
My water broke that night and I was sent by ambulance the next day up to UAB in Birmingham
I was there the rest of the month trying to keep the baby in as long as I could. I tried to do homework while I was there.
And on weekends Thomas would come see me and even brought Layla a couple times
After a couple ‘baby is coming’ scares I made it to the Dr’s goal of 34 weeks
The Growing Belly.
That night Timothy Frederick was born at 34 weeks weighing 5lb 8oz
After I was discharged I stayed at the Ronald McDonald House. I got to enjoy some snow on my walk to see the boy in the hospital
Snow :D
Timmy spent the next 18 days off and on the phototherapy lights for jaundice
Layla came to meet him too
First time holding him
And on February 28th he came home!
Going HOME!

 In March we were home. For a week.
05Mar10 017
After having trouble breathing and a lot of coughing we were back in Birmingham with RSV
Guess what, yall!
Then home 10 days later
Guess who's home!
Then BACK to UAB 2 days later after a night in the Enterprise ER!
ER on Sunday night
On March 17th my boy was home for good
19March10 026
Layla was a great big sister but took some time to get used to having a brother and a mom again after almost 2 months without one
25March2010 007
And she finally had a birthday party!
April brought Easter and warmer weather
04April10 012
Sprinklers with friends
06April10 013
We went to Thomo’s family day and saw him fly for the first time
09April10 067
Layla started to like being a big sister
15April10 001
And parking lot carnivals
17April10 007
A trip to McClelland’s Critters
21April10 063
In May we picked strawberries with the preschool
29April10 007
Layla started her second year of tee ball
04May10 009
And had a special Mother’s day lunch at the preschool
07May10 006
Timmy got fat and found his toys
10May10 001
And his tongue
25May10 003
Our big girl had her preschool graduation!
27May10 023
The kids kept growing in June
03June10 009
Layla crushed some tee balls!
04June10 016
We spent our days on the porch while Layla played in the sprinklers
14June10 010
And then a water pipe under our porch broke
JuneJune10 026
The 2010 tee ball season ended with pizza and trophies
30June10 012
We went to the freedom fest on post this 4th of July
04July10 031
Timmy fought against tummy time
08July10 021
Layla got a pair of 3D glasses at a birthday party
12July10 003
We had picnics in the living room
15July10 002
We took a vacation to Tucson. I sat in the back seat half the trip to keep TF happy
Arizona 025
I got to finally meet Callie’s baby!
Arizona 207
Spent a lot of time with family
Arizona 152
and good friends!
Arizona 075
We even got together with some of our best friends from Hawaii that were stationed in AZ
Arizona 104
Layla chopped her hair off and started Kindergarten
23Aug2010 007
And I thought Timmy’s head was super crooked
30Aug10 006
The flowers that started this blog grew up our front gate
10Sept10 007
Timmy loved his exersaucer
10Sept10 003
Started eating puffs
DayInLife 020
We went to the farm petting zoo with Layla’s school
PettingZoo22Sept 058
In October Revo had face surgery
03Oct10 003
We spent time with friends
03Oct10 013
We had a play date with our NICU neighbors from UAB
08Oct10 018
Went to the pumpkin patch
16Oct10 050
and the Enterprise Downtown Fall Festival
23Oct10 016
Layla’s school had their drug free red ribbon parade. L’s class had to dress as what the wanted to be when they grow up. She was a dentist.
26Oct10 089
We took new family pictures
29Oct10 018bw
and had Timmy’s first Halloween
30Oct10 003
November was Prematurity Awareness Month
Timmy started crawling and getting into EVERYTHING
15Nov10 001
We played outside. The weather was perfect.
18Nov10 009
We started getting Christmas set up before Thanksgiving
23Nov10 015
We spent Thanksgiving with the Wilkins family for the 3rd year
25Nov10 025
I fell in love all over again with sparkly Christmas lights
29Nov10 005

We played in leaves.
03Dec10 001

Set up more Christmas
06Dec10 024

Learned to wave

Pinned wings on Thomas 🙂
09Dec10 011

Went to the huge Christmas light place with our friends
21Dec10 063

Finished my 2nd 12 Days of Christmas project
12 Days Of Christmas

Enjoyed our first Christmas with 2 kids
25Dec10 037

And drove down to see our friends that live in Florida now!
28Dec10 012

2010 has been busy. New baby that had his own drama, Layla starting kindergarten, Thomas finishing flight school…I cant wait to see what 2011 will bring!

Happy New Year!

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