2011: A Year In Photos

It’s that time again! 2011…in pictures.


Happy New Year!
Happy New Year!

I made a million crayon rolls as party favors

Step 6

I got ugly looks at the Walmarts when I took Timmy in his Oregon jacket

The Flickr app on my BB isn't loading anything so I tried sending the phone pic by email and ta-da!

I learned how to make baby leg warmers

In Action


Layla turned 6!

02Feb11 010

Timmy turned 1!


L’s Girl Scout troop helped make ice cream

February 048

Timmy had surgery

February 063

And Michelley Welly surprised me for my birthday!!!

February 078


Thomo and I stayed at the beach

01-08March11 024

I had a BLUE BIRD on my feeder!

14March11 003

Layla got strep throat and an ear infection days after T left for Korea.


We got more fish

23March11 008

And played outside

25March11 036


We moved into the Johnson fam’s pool

02April11 013

Dug a hole

11April11 025

Held baby chicks at the Rucker Easter thing…

16April11 001

Got a dvd of Thomas reading a book to the kids

21April11 006

Went to the Montgomery Zoo

21April11 071

Got tattoos


and Marched for Babies with our Timmy shirts on

MarchForBabies2011 049


Girl Scouts went to the fire station

GSFirestation 014

We got some snails


I learned to use coupons


Planted flowers

17May11 009

Went on a little photo walk downtown with Tara

24May11 003

And swam with out Bama Fam. A lot.

28May11 015


Layla graduated Kindergarten.

03June11 023

Our Hawaii/Florida BFFs came to visit us

09June11 012

We raised and released butterflies

10June11 009

Layla took ballet

14June11 007

and Timmy sat on things

Good Dog


Layla and I had patriotic toes

04july11 002

We spent the longest morning EVER at the doctor’s office getting our Korea physicals done

25July11 006

I scraped wallpaper

28July11 002

I moved the blog to girlmeetscamera.com

We Moved!

and Layla opened all of our ciniroll cans because I hate it when they pop in my hands.

31July11 001


I found a new addiction


Kassie and I painted the bathroom


We toured the Christmas Tree farm

06Aug11 025

Layla started 1st grade

1st grade

Thomo came home to visit and because Timmy’s favorite person EVER.

Day 18

Timmy sat in a bag



We went back to the beach as a family. Timmy’s first time

05Sept11 029

Layla lost her first tooth!

12Sept11 018

T went back to Korea and I started the New Rules of Lifting for Women

DITL 010

Went on a couponing trip with friends

DITL 024

Was part of the Coastal Cleanup by helping clean up the lake shore

CoastalCleanup 006

Obsessed over Timmy’s hair and tshirt collection

27Sept11 005


We walked to the “lake” down the road

14Oct11 015

Went to the pumpkin patch and took a picture at our door

15Oct11 019BW

Hung out and snapped some pictures of my Bama Fam

JohnsonPics 076edit

Made hand print spiders

27Oct11 004

Made Timmy wear the Max (Where the Wild Things Are) costume I made for him

31Oct11 008


Bought a FitBook

06Nov11 029

Learned how to make heart shaped bokeh


And how to transfer newsprint onto my nails thanks to Pinterest.

09Nov11 010

Ate way too many zucchini chips

14Nov11 004

Watched the kids become best friends

20Nov11 001

Put the tree up against my will

28Nov11 001

and survived a lot of meltdowns

28Nov11 007


Had breakfast with Santa

03Dec11 001

Jumped in leaves

03Dec11 019

Discovered mod podge and diy photo canvases

11Dec11 014

Got my first haircut this YEAR (eek!) and new purple glasses


Went to Layla’s Christmas program

13Dec11 026

Made cookies

24Dec11 021

Did Christmas

25Dec11 003

And watched our stuff head off to Korea.

28Dec11 004

And there you have it.

2011 in a blog post.

Bring on 2012!

It’s going to be a crazy year!

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  • Mom

    I love it!! Some of your pics of Timmy are priceless!! I wish I could of been there to enjoy it with you!! I snagged the pic of you! You are so beautiful!!