Gone Crunchy: DIY Laundry Soap

I used to laugh at the idea of home made laundry soap. Seemed like so much work when I can just go buy a jug of Tide.

And then I realized it’s insanely cheap. So I went for it.

It helps that I now have a friend that is all about homemade stuffs and told me what to do.

So I went for it.


You need:


Oxy Clean

Washing Soda

Yummy smelling bar soap

The ‘hardest’ part of this was grating up the soap bar. I may have taken out a chunk of my finger in the process. After my bloody mistake I had a friend tell me that she uses a food processor for hers and another friend just buys pre shredded soap. It’s crazy how many MORE people do this than I thought. DIY soap, its not just for the freaks.



Ready for the rest of the steps?

Dump 1 cup Borax, 1 cup Oxy Clean, and 1 cup washing soda in with your 1 bar of shreddy soap.

And mix.

The end.


Only I doubled it because I could.

I also was too impatient to get to the store to buy some fancy container to put it all in…


I’m the only one that will see it anyway. Until I post pictures for the entire world to see.

Oh well.

After using it for a few loads now Im pretty happy with it. My clothes dont really smell as awesome as the bar soap does but they do smell clean. And ARE clean. Even Timmy’s gross clothes.

This recipe, minus the yummy smelly bar, also works as dishwasher soap. But I don’t like it. I’ve tried and it may be my crazy Korean dishwasher, I’m not sure…but my dishes don’t seem clean. And I’m a scrub the crusties off the dish before you load it kind of person.   Back to Cascade for me and now I have more to use in the laundry once I shred/process another bar of soap.

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