Find It Friday – Recommend

Happy Friday Yall!

Even though it’s Saturday here. Shhh.


This week’s work is Recommend. Honestly I wanted to take a nekkid picture of Timmy because all week I have had Alanis Morissette’s You Learn stuck in my head.

Lots of recommendations.

But instead I have nothing super fancy. Just some good ol’ Pumpkin Spice Kisses.

#finditfriday #recommend

Holy moly.

I’ve seen this in multiple Pinterest recipes but was never able to find them before. While grocery shopping this week I saw them AND they were on sale! I grabbed 2 bags.

At first I was nervous. I love all things pumpkin but still wasn’t totally sure.

But they are amazing. And now I need to bake them into some cookies or something. Except that would mean turning on my oven. Ick

Next week is TEA. If you want to play along you can link up your blog below.

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One Comment

  • Jessica

    I SO did not need to know that there are pumpkin spice kisses!!!! Thank goodness I do most of my shopping off post and Hershey’s doesn’t exist here. I will have to be extra careful to avoid the candy section of the commissary next time I’m there!!