Midnight Snack

And by midnight I mean 730pm.

It’s cold and windy today. I still haven’t REALLY played with my new lens. Busy busy around here. Anyway, I thought I’d share a version of one of my fave ‘kids are in bed and I’m craving something sweet’ snack.

I may have posted before about the cottage cheese, cocoa, peanut butter, stevia mix. Yum!

I made another cottage cheese concoction last night. I had blackberries that I needed to eat but didn’t so much like these ones on their own.

So here it is: Cottage cheese, berries, 1 packet of stevia, small drop of vanilla. Mix it up, mash the berries, mix some more until it turns purple…because everything is better when it’s purple.

Well, not babies. Or people in general I guess.

But cottage cheese is definitely better purple.

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  • Audrey

    I just made cottage cheese pancakes for dinner because I needed to finish off the tub. I have to admit they probably just replaced my from scratch recipe. I will have to “blend” it prior to cooking next time though. The curds weirded Gillian out.

  • Mom

    Yum, I am always looking for new things with cottage cheese! And I love blackberries!! Can’t wait to try it!! 🙂

  • Dee Williamson

    Whoa! You may have changed my mind. I have to remember that it is cheese, not some weird texture in my mouth. Then I might be alright. Haha! Thank you for sharing! I think I’m going to share it as well, on our page! 🙂