Breast Implants – The Ugly Truths

Hey everyone! I hit 3 weeks post op yesterday and wanted to share a quick update on how things are going.


Breast Implant recovery


The pain is pretty much gone. The major pain is anyway…(remember that movie, Major Payne. Loved that movie.) but what’s left now is just annoying. My skin is very sensitive and doesn’t like to be touched by anything but some form of tight clothing. It’s mostly on top…not sure if it was the tape they ripped off from that area or just skin stretching in general. But I have two kids…my skin has been stretched and relaxed and stretched and relaxed again.

Who knows. Let’s talk nerves. Holy moly. The nurse told me in her broken KorEnglish that it would be very painful as the nerves find their other half. It’s really not all THAT bad, but little needle like twinges stabbing at any random moment. That gets old too. I jump a lot.

My muscles are feeling great through out the day. I still can’t pull down on things or really use the chest muscles much. When I do there’s a fantastic flexing into my armpit feeling that happens. I really hope that all goes back to normal because it. is. awkward. I don’t like it.

Ok I lied about my muscles not hurting. When I sleep on my back, like I have been for the past 3 weeks, it’s like the weight presses up on the muscles all night. I wake up extremely sore and tight. Sitting up sucks and I usually hobble a little bit because for some reason my chest hurting means my legs don’t work properly.

I got my stitches out at my 1 week appointment. Since then I’ve had steri-strips across the scar with band aids over them. They finally fell off yesterday. The scars are a bit tender but I think they look pretty good for what they are. I am pretty paranoid about anything rubbing on them now though.

Overall they’re still standing at attention and I feel huge and achy like when I was pregnant. Not my favorite preggo symptom.

Oh, and the whole bottom is still numb. That’s fun too. Not.  And I’ve lost 5lbs! I want to be happy but I know it’s my muscles melting off of me because I’m sure not eating well enough.

Ok, so that’s me at week 3. I will hopefully get in next week to see the surgeon for my one month post op appointment. I’m just looking forward to the next few months and getting back to normal…like getting back on skates! Pretty sure I can handle skating around the middle and helping out but no real contact for me yet.

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  • Audrey

    Every day it’ll get a little better. The armpit thing is annoying. I remember it. I still can’t believe you didn’t get massage instructions!?!

    • Megan

      Well, I got a coupon for a free massages that I never went to. I looked on youtube and have been doing my own massages 😛 We’ll see if the Dr says anything at the 1 month appt. Some blogs Ive read said they didn’t massage until 1 month.

    • Megan Wade

      I think I went with 400cc. Bigger than they suggested but they were all Korean and I think didn’t realize that would be normal on my 5’9″ larger frame. Since it was Korea I paid in won but I think it might average about 5,000 in US dollars.