High Five for Friday!

Hey everyone! Friday already?! I decided to *finally* read the Hunger Games books this week so I’ve been totally cut off from real life while I knocked those out. Now I’m done and have to get back to normal stuff again. Like blogging and laundry.


This week….

1. My skates came in!! They fit beautifully and haven’t hurt at all. I was worried about break in time.

2. I got my mug swap mug!! It came with a bag of coffee, some cookies, and a jar of citrus pumpkin butter that is amaaaazing. LOVE it all!

3. Blew through the Hunger Games trilogy. I don’t like Katniss or much of the last book…but it did seem the most suspenseful and I needed to see how it ended.

4. Jango’s 90’s best of the best station makes me so happy. Every song that comes on I catch myself saying “ooh! I love this song!”

5. I already posted about my amazing pumpkin bread. I also got a picture the awful coffee creamer that I also made. SO gross.

Today was a half day for Layla and no school for Timmy as well as no school for either of them on Monday. It’s going to be a long weekend! It was a gym day though. Can I say how much I LOVE Stage 6 of the New Rules of Lifting? It’s short and sweet but Im sore and feeling very good about it. 1 and a half stages left before we finish it and have to find something else to do. Maybe New Rules of Lifting Abs?? We’ll see.
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