2013,  H54F

High Five For Friday!

It felt like a loooong week here. I’d be going to the gym in the mornings and then Thomo would be going into work at lunch and not coming home after the rest of us were in bed. We pretty much just saw each other in sleeping. That meant the week for me was long and full of kids haha.

high five for friday

The highlights of my week are…

1. DERBY! Saturday was another bout day. That’s always a happy day.

2. Family day on the mountain because we were all free at the same time! The weather was awesome too.

3. Beef and broccoli. Yummo.

4. After trying to explain to the guy at our PX ‘hulk hands’ we were finally able to get a hold of the Osan BX and find them in stock. Success!

5. The whiskey club had their monthly tasting/meeting. I finally went to one (and tasted no whiskey. Yuck. But my friends were there!) It was costume night…can you guess who we are?

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