2013,  random

Scenes from the afternoon

Yesterday, on Facebook, a friend was talking about another stay at home mom who had said she was bored and asked what others did all day. Of course this brought on a lot of “How can she be bored?! She’s a stay at home mom! There’s so much we do!” comments from others, including me. That’s just crazy.

And then a couple hours later…I was bored. Then I realized I get bored a LOT. Not because I have nothing to do…there are definitely clothes to be washed, dishes to put away, and litter boxes to scoop…but I don’t WANT to do those things. We had the neighbor kids over after school so both of my kids were off playing and I was avoiding chores and bored. So it does happen. On top of being bored I’ve falling into a routine which is awesome. I love schedules but I feel like it’s sucking the creativity out of me. How am I supposed to maintain a lifestyle blog (is that even what this is?) if I don’t have much of a life to share? Boring does not make a fun blog.

But whatever. You’re getting it anyway. You’re welcome. This is what happens when I’m bored at home and my Facebook feed has stopped updating fast enough.

The Car Bunch

Car line

L’s Thailand plea to Thomas

thailand note

Afternoon coffee sticks

Maxim coffee

Favorite necklace sold by a spouse here on post

DC (Devil Cat) assuming his position under my feet in the kitchen

devil cat

Hulk wants gummies

hulk gummies

DC on the hunt

devil cat


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