2013: A Year In Photos

Here we are again folks. Another year down, another look back at our year in photos. One full year in Korea. Lots of great memories!


In January we picked on a sleeping Timmy

Ate some Korean McDonalds

Did some crafts

And discovered Kids Cafes (this is Star Kids)


In February Layla turned 8

Timmy turned 3

We made valentines for Layla’s class

And played with a new lens


In March I made an Origami Owl necklace

Co-hosted a jewelry party with a friend

And hit the local market with Spiderman.


In April we colored and hunted eggs with friends

went to Everland

and Pinnacle Land to see the cherry blossoms


In May I was surprised by Thomo and the kids with a derby trip to Boracay!

We went parasailing

ate at the Hobbit House

And enjoyed a weekend at the beach.


In June we got our family pass to Splish and Splash

made our Not Bummer Summer list

made pumpkin energy bites

And I became the Kimchick team captain!


In July we played at AK Plaza

went to the beach

got some good stuff at the thrift store

and had surgery up in Seoul


In August we spent more time at the pool

Ordered more Korean Frying

Took black and white pictures of our drive through Seoul

Visited a science museum

and Layla started 3rd grade!


In September Timmy started preschool

I hosted a mug swap

took some family pictures

and played some derby!


In October we made pumpkin bread and coffee!

Played on the roof

hiked a mountain

had play dates

dressed up

and went trick or treating


In November I started a new Project 365

we went to a lantern festival in Seoul

checked out crazy masks in Osan

and put up the Christmas tree!


In December we found some elves

played a lot of Minecraft

Went out to eat

went to a ball

played in the snow

and opened Christmas presents!

Tomorrow is New Years Eve. 2013 has come and gone and the new year is sure to bring lots of exciting changes!

Look back at past posts –

(And if you’ve got a lot of time to kill start at 2008 and work up through the last 6 years of our lives)






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