Bike Riding

So, Layla got a new bike from Santa this Christmas! She had a bike before we went to Korea. We even took it with us but she never rode it there and rarely rode it while we were here before. It had training wheels and she was small…and thats where it ended. Fast forward….we get to the rental house here in AL and are walking down the road to get L from school every day. Timmy got a bike. A tiny little one with training wheels. Since we’ve been back in our house the roads are a little hillier and he hasn’t rode his since May-ish.

Where was I going with this? Im rambling. What I mean to say is…now both kids have bikes! Layla really wants to learn to ride a 2 wheel bike which is good because its too big for training wheels. She is so dead set on getting it and it’s exciting to watch her learn. Thankfully Thomas is a much better teacher than I am full of patience. I’m just here to take pictures.

Both kids rode all over the yard yesterday afternoon. It was a good time and I used my camera and not my phone. Workin on that New Year resolution…that I make every year, haha.

Setting her up and helping her balance as she takes off.

And she’s off!

Once she was doing pretty good in the yard we decided to try out the flatter road near us. Something easier to pedal on.

It was a little scarier .

She did pretty good for a minute

And then she didn’t.

Thankfully super dad was there and she didn’t fall. We¬†decided to go back to the grass for a while.

And then Timmy decided he was big too.

Dude! He can ride a bike. Kind of…in a straight line. Down hill. But still! He’s my baby.

He got some help back up the hill

And then decided he wanted his training wheels back.

And then he was good just watching L

And the moon. Because why not.

So proud of both of those kids! They were back out today riding in the yard. Layla figured out how to get going and balanced on her own without anyone to steady her first. She’s really excited to get to where she can ride to school. Hopefully soon!

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