Project 52. Week 3. Guilty Pleasure.

Hey! My site was down for a few days and I was a bit freaked out. First, I’ve had this thing almost 7 years and the thought of losing everything made me sick to my stomach. And second, figures something would happen to keep me from sticking to yet another photo project. Thankfully, after many chats with Go Daddy techs, it’s up and running! Just in time to share my photo from this week’s Project 52 link up. This week’s theme is Guilty Pleasure.

Here it is. Girl Meets World. I have my tv set to record them every week….’for Layla’. Because it’s a Disney kid show. But dude. GIRL MEETS WORLD. Did you watch Boy Meets World? I did. And Shawn is back! And they’re all grown ups. And Topanga’s a mom. And I love it so much.

 Project 52

Linking up again with Everyday Eyecandy for the #OurProject52 photo challenge. Check it out and join along! It’s never too late to start. Next week’s theme is Blue.

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  • Andrea Turner

    I’ve been enjoying Girl Meets World on occasion. There is one thing about the show I don’t love too much. I feel like Topanga has changed from an independent free thinking person into “that ditzy mom” you often see in shows. I know the show is about the kids, but shouldn’t a girl meeting the world have a strong female role model?

  • The Chic SAHM

    I haven’t seen Girl Meets World yet. I watched Boy Meets World religiously during TGIF as a kid. Those actors have not aged a bit, good grief. Topanga and Corey both look the same as they did years ago.

  • Shon

    You know, I feel that this is the only Disney show at present that teaches the children something valuable.
    Keep that DVR set sister! Enjoy!

  • Mimi

    What is it with Go Daddy lately. Last month they took my site down and something about a migration and server. You are right there is nothing worse than thinking about all of the hard work you’ve put into a blog and by some freak of nature it all disappears. Glad we were a to get our stuff back up and running.
    My son reintroduced me to Girl Meets World one night. I was surprised, he was trying to tell me about the show, I was like son I was on this before you were even thought of!