7 Years.

I’ve had this little blog now for seven years. So much has happened in those 7 years and I’m thankful that I was able to document most of it here. It really is fun to go back and look at which is the main reason I keep it going (even though I don’t post often…)

Let’s take a look back to my very first post.

April 16, 2008:

For Jill.

Jill needs inspiration and I need yet another thing to remember to update regularly :) Im Megan. I live in Hawaii for the time being and am on my way to southern Alabama with my husband, Tom and our daughter, Layla. Or Laylers, Lola, Loola, Layla Loo, the list goes on. I like to call her Snot Face. Anyway…I have a camera and it has pretty much become a part of my body. So if you read this you get to see my random have no other place to post them pictures.

And my very first photo post:  Easter Flowers.  It all started with some morning glory seeds we planted. And guess what? I just planted some more. So here ya go, 7 years later, more ‘Easter flowers’.

And this one…I love it so much in black and white but I like the rainbow color of the bubbles too. So you get both.

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One Comment

  • Dina Farmer

    Am I following you around? Hahah we live in Hawaii now, but I have only been on a visit to Korea never lived there like my husband.