Life Update #2,539

Pretty sure this site is just a serious of life updates every 6-12 months.

So here’s another one in bullet points because ain’t nobody got time to read it all.

  • WE MOVED. Across the country. KS -> MD. We love it here so far. Very nice living near water again but COVID has sucked some fun out of being here.
  • Selling out KS house. It’s pending! Thankful for my NextHome Unlimited family taking such good care of us <3
  • Speaking of NextHome… I’m currently not working. Tried getting on with some NextHome offices here in MD but it wasn’t a good fit. Threw out some applications doing more marketing/social media/photography stuff for other companies. We’ll see if I hear back.
  • Going to school! I’d say going back to school but other than a few certificate programs I’ve never actually gone to college. My first real college credit courses. But first I need to pass the math placement test.
  • Kids are good. Thomas is good. Pets are good.
  • Roller derby has been on hold since March. That means moving and not having instant friends. Who knows when it will start again.
  • I found Target all on my own yesterday. Kinda proud of that.
  • Still doing the photo a day! Just not here. Once I started taking some with my phone, getting them loaded over here mid quarantine/working/moving was hard. But they’re all over on Instagram!

That’s about it. Currently chugging along waiting for things to open and waiting to hear if schools will be a thing or all online.

Lots of waiting. And lots of coffee. And now, lots of studying math.

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