2020,  Maryland

Maryland Home Tour: Pt 1

Home Tour time. I miss my job in Kansas. I loved going into all the homes and seeing how they were laid out or how they were decorated or finding some weird little thing that made each home unique.

When we were originally looking for a rental home here in MD it was SO frustrating how none of them had decent pictures! I guess rentals go so fast here it’s not worth hiring someone out? Sale homes are marketed like crazy but rentals go up with a couple dark, slanty photos and LAWD all the toilet lids open! Don’t do it folks. If you’re listing a house and don’t want pro photos…just make sure all your vertical lines are straight (doors/windows), and the freakin toilets are closed. And take a picture of every room.

Anywho, the home we ended up in had zero pictures listed. We found the original sale photos from 2011 and went off of that. They ended up adding more recent snaps while we were applying but once we were accepted for the home I offered to grab some pictures for them before our stuff was moved in. Now they have photos to use whenever we move out!

There’s a lot. Because people (especially those that are living out of state) want to see all the things and know if the home works for them or not. I’ll just share some of my faves about the house.

I love the light in here and the curtains! We never really do curtains. Always blinds. NEVER again. I love how cozy it feels with them now that our furniture is moved in.
The Game Room/Office.
I love these french doors that lead out of the dining room into the ‘game room’. Its where everything in the basement went. All the video games, my desk, craft stuff… bonus: when Timmy is yelling at Fortnite we can close the doors and not hear him.
Kid’s Bathroom.
I LOVE this bathroom. I love the floors. I love the blue cabinets. I love the lamps and the mirror. Love love love.
Master Bathroom.
Ok, all the bathrooms. They were all completely redone a year ago. The master bathroom is tiny but the house is from the 50s. I think it’s beautiful for the space they were working with.
I LOVED our Kansas house and I will miss it terribly but the ONE thing it definitely did not have was master bedroom closet space. This one has 2 large walk-ins and a linen closet. Swoon.
Honorable Mention:
The entry. I love the staircase and the windows by the door.
Honorable Mention 2:
The Kitchen. This is a beautiful kitchen. I love the window over the sink, the double oven and gas stove, and fridge and the countertops that hide how messy we are!

The goal now is to finish all those last-minute setting up the house things I’ve been ignoring. Like unpacking the office stuff and hanging or storing the pile of frames/mirrors/things in the dining room. Then to keep everything tidy enough to finish the Home Tour: Pt 2 – after our stuff came photos and share some of my favorite new things that we got.

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