• Beach Day

    Finally getting around to posting these beach pictures from a few weekends ago. Here they are! Destin, FL. It was cold all weekend so we didn’t get to really swim but that didn’t stop everyone from getting a sun burn. Except me who was wearing a long black skirt and black sweater. At the beach.

    The Flying V! Quack quack quack. 

    Tiny little clams. 

    She dug out a hole to put them all in. And then the water came…

    This picture…my #1 super duper photography pet peeve is slanty horizons. *Especially* at the beach where it’s SO obvious. But I love this picture and straightening it out would have cropped it and I didn’t want that. So I’ll just cringe and try to focus on L and not the background.  

    Just realizing now that it looks like TF is peeing here. Really he’s just holding his shorts up so they don’t get wet. 

    The day before this we went out to walk the beach a bit and there was a pod of dolphins swim jumping not too far out. Of course, no camera. I was really hoping they’d come back this day but all I got were boats. 

    I really can’t believe I only took real photos one time in the 3 weeks. What!? Who am I kidding. I suck at using my camera lately (lately being since I got an iphone in 2012.) One day I really will do better. Maybe.

  • Mallipo Beach!

    We FINALLY made it to a beach. It took about 1.5 hrs to get there and it was a little cold and windy with clouds when we pulled up…but the sun came out and 5 hours later we were all happy, tired, and fried. It was a good day.

    (directions at the bottom of the post!)

    6July13 010

    6July13 018

    6July13 021

    6July13 022

    6July13 027

    6July13 032

    6July13 031

    6July13 029

    6July13 028

    6July13 026

    6July13 025

    6July13 024

    6July13 100

    6July13 048

    6July13 047

    6July13 046

    6July13 042

    6July13 043

    6July13 056

    6July13 054

    6July13 053

    6July13 051

    6July13 050

    6July13 049

    6July13 079

    6July13 077

    6July13 073

    6July13 064

    6July13 094

    And a video. I found the video record button on my Nikon…the little red one. Duh.

    If you’re coming from Camp Humphreys it is super easy to find Mallipo Beach. Promise.

    Coming out of the CPX gate turn RIGHT.

    Follow this road for-e-ver. Maybe an hour. It turns into 32 at some point.

    Eventually you come into a town and will almost dead end into a Lotte Mart. You can’t miss it.

    Turn LEFT at the Lotte Mart to stay on 32.

    Now drive straight for another long while until you literally run into the beach 😀

    Easy Peasy!

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