• 21 Day Fix – First 2 Days

    I just wanted to get on here and update y’all since I feel like I’ve dropped off the planet again. I made the mistake of starting Once Upon a Time on Netflix… 3 seasons at about 22 episodes each…. Life Suck. But I’m almost caught up and can return to real life soon.

    Now, onto the real news of the week. I started the 21 Day Fix on Monday (I know, it’s only Wednesday…) and so far, it’s not too bad. I am in the last phase of the Live Fit Trainer so I will be sticking with that for workouts for the month. I have tried a couple of the 21DF workouts at home though and they are great. Reminds me a lot of the 30 Day Shred. Short time, big workout. Good stuff.

    Live Fit planning
    Planning my gym week
    Ready to do the Upper Fix workout

    The real reason I picked this program though is to control my eating. First, let me say this is not a crazy restrictive diet. I’m not cutting out all carbs or fats, or sugars but instead and learning to control portions. I think I’m going to see results just by having to cut out all my mid day junk grazing. I don’t really eat bad meals it’s all the little things I snack on between those meals that is adding up.

    Anyway, the whole thing is based on these containers. Each one stands for a different thing like protein, starches, fruits, veggies…and depending on your calorie intake goals you get so many of each container per day. A great way to spread it all out and have the visual is to use post it notes.

    I keep this board in my kitchen so I can see what I’m eating and move things around as needed

    21 day fix

    I didn’t leave much for dinner this night (Monday) and actually switched the second snack and dinner places since it was a derby practice night. I normally don’t really eat on derby nights…just snack a bunch before going. This time I had a small dinner portion and then ate my snack afterward (no starch though because I ended up eating it earlier)

    Day 2 went much better I think. I realized after day 1 where I really need to be eating what things. I had eaten way too much breakfast. Also, 2nd snack is always big because that’s my post workout shake which has fruit, spinach/kale, protein, and coconut milk (counts as a starch/yellow container). With dinner though I’m not sure if it really broke down to what I counted it as but I don’t think it was too far off. And I had a pumpkin oreo. Just 1…

    Only ONE pumpkin Oreo 😉

    Today is Day 3. So far I’m feeling better and less hangry about it all.  I’m not so much hungry as I am just bored snacky…that’s what kills me. I’m trying to just grab my water bottle when I’m bored instead of the little bags of Chips Ahoy.

    I did take before photos. We’ll see if there’s any change by Day 21.


  • Live Fit Trainer – Phase 1 Recap + Phase 2

    *Editing to add I am down 4lbs since starting! That’s a pound a week. Not too shabby!*

    We did it! One month down, two to go. We are a third of the way through the Live Fit Trainer. Of course Phase 1 is the ‘easy’ phase. No cardio, just getting you into the habit of lifting weights and eating clean. Phase 2 is a whole new monster. We move from 4-5 days a week in the gym to 6. SIX. We can’t pull that off so we will most likely be dropping a leg day since there are 2. Also, we are adding cardio in after our lifting FOUR days a week.

    See all about Phase 2 HERE.

    If things don’t start changing up this month I must be doing something wrong.

    So far through Phase 1 the workouts have been great. Some I dislike more than others but over all we are really liking the fact that we focus on a couple body parts a day vs 3 full body days per week. It’s different and I feel like I’m really working those muscles more since the whole day is dedicated to them.

    The other half of the program would be diet…or should we call it ‘lifestyle change’. Not really a DIET. You know, eat within 30 minutes of waking up and again every 3 hours. Get your protein, avoid processed stuff…the normal clean eating rules.

    I suck at it. I’m so back and forth. One week I’m great! Totally on track and sticking with it and then I have a cheat meal and suddenly I forgot that I ever was eating right.


    Phase 2 seems to be a lot of the same with nutrition but beginning to reduce carbs.

    Which sounds awful because I really do puffy heart my carbs.

    This seems to be the phase that I quit in but I’m dead set on finishing this whole program. I know things will come up and I wont be able to follow it 100% but I will do what I can and make it work for me. Wish me luck.

  • Live Fit Trainer – Take 2.

    Ok, so, remember back in May 2012 when I got to Korea and was all YEAH Im going to do the Live Fit trainer program and be super awesome!? And then I realized it gets REALLY busy and Korea gym daycare was ridiculous expensive at $4 an hour and I didn’t want to keep having to dump him on friends. And then I quit after Phase 1 because I just couldn’t make it work.

    Well, here I go again. Here WE go again. Now that I’m back in Alabama and back at Gold’s where the membership/daycare is super cheap I’m feeling more motivated. Also, it helps that my gym buddy is getting married in 12 weeks! Guess how long the program is? 12 weeks. Perfect deadline to work toward. I’m excited. I think she is too.

    You can read all about the Live Fit Trainer and my excitement HERE. Just pretend like it’s all current excitement and not from 2 years ago.

    Today is Friday. We just finished Week 1 (only 4 days) and are definitely feeling it. This program is a lot different than the NROL. It’s a couple body parts a day, every day, instead of full body lift days 3 times a week. So far, I like it. Also no cardio in Phase 1 which Im liking 😉 I still have derby though so I’m cheating a bit.

    Week 1 recap: Everything on me is sore. I like the workouts. I’m still eating like crap….or should I just say not enough. Its not like Im eating out all the time but I just don’t eat much and when I do I go for easy packaged bars/snacks instead of cleaner, better options. I really need to spend a day prepping food so I have easy to get to meals that work when Im lazy.

    Which is most of the time.

    I’m going to stick with it this time. Promise. Maybe.

  • Weigh In Wednesday

    Hey y’all. I’m alive and kicking and swimming in moving boxes and paper. ALL of our stuff is coming this week. It’s great to have my things back and get my crafting stuff in order so I can hit the ground running with this little Etsy shop I’m setting up (more on that later…) but I am tiiiiired! Who knew we had so much stuff? Anywho, still making it to the gym pretty much daily. When I can’t get there I’m doing what I can at home. I’ve been following some of the workouts from Glisten Fit when I can’t get to the gym. Have I mentioned how much I love her? I do.

    Anywho, the reason I’m jumping on here today is because I was taking a break from unpacking to read some blogs and drink some coffee. I came across Ash’s blog in my feed and thought I’d join in on this week’s Weigh in Wednesday since I have some progress pics hanging out on my phone.

    Weigh In Wednesday

    Start – Jan 17. 177(ish)lbs. , Currently – March, 180 lbs.   I didn’t actually start getting serious with my workouts until after we moved in February. So really, this is about a month of regular workouts. I’ve GAINED weight. Kinda sucky to see the scale go up but it is SO not about a number. I’d like to see it drop since the last time I was in the 180’s was when I decided to start exercising for reals about 6 months after having Timmy but I know I’m in a completely different place physically than before.

    I think my arms look better now. My belly is a work in progress haha

    Oops, forgot the first picture was arms down. Whateva.

    Took this new one from the wrong side and had to flip it. I promise it’s all me 😉

    So yeah, while I’ve gained the weight I’ve dropped about a half inch off of each area that I measure and gained a tiny bit in my biceps…

    .a couple more months and I may have to make myself this shirt…



    There it is. I’m counting it as 1 month down, the rest of my life to go! First big event is a derby sista’s wedding next month.

    I need to find something obnoxiously Kimchick Yellow to wear. And look fabulous in.

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