• A Few Things…

    I took a few pictures, edited and uploaded, and then never blogged. So here they are. It snowed a while back…like last week I think? It feels like a long time ago but there is still snow and ice in shady places outside because Korea is COLD and if the sun doesn’t hit it then it will never melt. Dumb cold weather.

    Anyway. Meh.

    Since I’m in hibernation mode…these are the kinds of things I usually get photos of…

    And this. Because no one else would sit in front of the tree for me…

    I was laughing pretty hard. This cat. For a second I thought he was stuck up there because he would not get down.

    There are my few randoms for now. Did I mention that we move in 6.5 weeks? Leave Korea in a month and a half. We don’t have any pack outs scheduled or anything…just trying to get through Christmas first before I can wrap my mind around doing this whole cross the world move again. With an extra pet. It feels like I JUST did this. Only before I was so out of the Christmas mood because I was so ready to go…now I don’t even want to think about moving. All of my focus is on Christmas…with a little bit of day dreaming excitement about BEING in Alabama SOON! I just don’t want to actually have to go through the process of getting there. Where are my ruby slippers??

    Right now I’m making coffee and eventually will go pick up L from school. You know what I’m not doing? Purging all the junk we’ve hoarded in the last 2 years. I’ll deal with that later.

  • You know it’s winter in Korea when…

    The black birds start swarming in…

    They come in streams. Like the Nemo turtles riding the current. And they go on forever.

    And they will be everywhere all winter.

    Annoyed little cluster of magpies

    On another note….this boy is kinda sweet.

    And this old lady is too…

    Not so much this one…

  • I Did Things Today

    Nothing really important…but I did things nonetheless. Since I started the 365 project (that I will be sharing on Saturdays) I’ve taken more pictures with my camera than my phone. Yay for me. Which also means there are a lot of randoms loaded onto my computer. So I’m going to share today’s randoms with you.

    Today is Monday and that means grocery shopping day after the gym while Timmy is at school. I’m pretty sure I remembered having time to walk the PX a bit first before shopping last week..but today by the time I did that I had NO time to hit the commissary so I ran to the library and then did my shopping after picking the boy up. Thankfully even though it was lunch time he was perfect for me there. Whew! Anyway, saw this. 😐

    There is a patch of trees on the drive home that have been changing colors slowly. I keep meaning to stop but I never actually do. I finally did today.

    And since I finally happened to be driving down our one lane road alone today I stopped and snapped a couple pictures of this tree since there was no one around to block.

    And I may have celebrated a little today. Nothing says its the holiday season like the red Starbucks cup. I was good and got a tall non fat though…but it still had a TON of sugar. Oh well.

    When we got home I decided I needed to make labels for everything. I made it through these three and a lego tub before I stopped. I’ll do L’s room tomorrow.

    And of course a couple of the boy because he was sitting next to me while I was messing with the tubs

  • Daiso = Best of Korea

    Ok, maybe not the BEST of Korea but definitely one of my favorite things about this country I know I’ve mentioned Daiso before and might have shared some pictures but today we went back and I took my camera.

    Daiso is sort of like a dollar store…only not everything is a dollar (aka 1000 won) but its still all pretty cheap and I love that! This is the big one on the 3rd floor of AK Plaza, the train station in Pyeongtaek.  They carry pretty much everything. Lots of house stuff, office supplies, gifts, beauty stuff, socks, sandals, pet stuff, storage, snacks, some craft stuff and gardening stuff, toys….and more.

    Love. This. Place.






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