• Project 52 – Week 1

    Another year, another project, right? We’ll see if I can make this one last. I’ve gone through my new planner and added the weekly themes so maybe that will serve as a reminder. And hopefully, after this week, I’ll use my actual camera more often than my cell phone. #goals.

    Thanks to Everyday Eyecandy for the weekly prompts on Instagram. I’ll be sharing them here on the blog as well.

    Week 1 – Me, in the beginning.
  • Project 52. Week 6. Eyes.

    Whew! Things are finally slowing down around here after the birthday whirlwind that swept through. I still need to share TF’s party because he’s FIVE now! But today is Thursday and I wont miss another #OurProject52 post just yet. It’s only week 6! So here we go, this week’s theme is Eyes.

    Bringing the pets back in this one again. DC was sitting on the table in the kitchen and the light hit him just right that I knew that was my shot for the week. Or…shots I guess haha. I can’t pick just one.

    Of course, I’m linking up again with Everyday Eyecandy and Lipgloss & Binky for the #OurProject52 weekly photo project. Head over to their sites and check out the other entries for the week. Next week’s theme is Hearts/Love.

  • 5 Photo Projects for the New Year

    It’s January 1st!

    The day everyone decides to either hit the gym or start new photo projects. Or both! If you’ve been thinking of doing some kind of photo project to document 2015 here is a list of a few ideas.

    1. Project 365.

    Project 365 is probably the most ambitious photo project to take on. I’ve completed it one time….and failed a few others. Take 1 photo every day of the year. I’m really good at starting but then we move or computers crash or some other excuse creeps up and I just can’t stick to it. You can either post daily (super ambitious) or do like I tried and post your week of photos all on one day in a sort of recap type post. That seemed easiest for me, even though I still didn’t see it through, ha.


    2. 52 Weeks of Self Portraits.

    I tried this one too and I think I got pretty far into it…and then Timmy was born and priorities completely shifted. Post one picture of yourself once a week, for 52 weeks. Easy peasy. I’ve seen some people do just a headshot keeping all the photos similar all year. You could try to get creative like I did and think of something new weekly to post. Both ideas are fun!


    3. 52 Weeks of Kid Portraits.

    My friend Chantal over at Scattered Seashells has been doing this one and every time I see her posts I want to jump on the kid portrait wagon with her. Now that it’s a new year maybe I will. She posts a head shot and a full body photo of her daughter once a week. I really love the idea of watching your kids change and grow through the year.


    4. 52 Weeks of Exploration.

    Sam Rader (from Sam and Nia if you watch YouTube vlogs, or if you’ve seen the famous Frozen car lip sync) took his daughter, Symphony out exploring once a week last year to explore new places. His photos are great! And I love that it’s opening kids up to exploring and seeing new things. Definitely a fun project to take on. You can check out their year of exploring at SymphonyRader.com


    5. Scavenger Hunt Sunday.

    This (or any similar project, I’m sure there are many) is a good option for someone that might not be able to stick to a full year of photos. This is done over at Ramblings and Photos by Ashley Sisk. There are weekly prompts to photograph, post, then link back to share. This is fun and I’ve done it a few times. Helps you think outside of the box and be creative without the commitment of a full year of posting.

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