• The Super Awesome Way Cool Day.

    Yesterday started off pretty awesome because it was a gym day (woop woop!). Even though I couldn’t lift with my friends I still climbed onto a treadmill and walked my butt uphill for 30 minutes while reading a book. The only time I really ever take the time to read books. It felt like a good morning.

    Since Thomo worked all weekend he had Monday off. After lunch we headed to the pool as. a. family. Like, all 4 of us. TOGETHER. I’m pretty sure it was the first time this year that we’ve done that. He’s taken kids, I’ve taken kids, we’ve never gone as a family. It was fantastic! You know why? Because I wasn’t chasing Timmy the whole time. Not that I really do anyway…he’s pretty good at the not drowning and knowing where he can play while I keep an eyeball on him from my chair. Bad mommy.

    Anywho, yesterday. I sat in my chair and DIDN’T watch kids. They were off playing in the big pool with daddy while I stayed in my chair reading my book and Facebooking about how amazing it is to be a the pool kidless.

    Girl Meets Camera
    Happy Megan!


    We were at the pool for about 5 hours. It was a BIG day. Layla FINALLY went down the big orange water slide. She’s been afraid of it for 2 summers now and finally, with only 2 weeks of summer left, she did it. It may have helped having her dad there to make her a little more brave 🙂 He even got Timmy to go down it a few times. Not that that one took any convincing. Crazy boy.

    That’s not all though. She also jumped off of the diving board. I’m serious. LAYLA. Jumped off of the diving board. In. Sane. Do y’all remember her in Alabama?! I was a beaming proud mamma yesterday.


    Chinooks are LOUD.
    Someone needs a haircut…
    Photo bomb!


    After the pool our family went to dinner with some of T’s local friends. They took us to a buffet out in Anseong called Alaska. There was a little of every there there. We all found something we liked. The restaurant was inside of a huge Lotte Mart so after dinner we walked around a bit and the kids got spoiled with new toys. Layla got a huge Lego helicopter. Not sure if it’s more for Layla or Thomas…but they will be doing it together.

    I got something too.  A last minute at the register impulse purchase. Some cheese and blueberry filled chocolate. Sounded pretty yummy so I went for it.


    Lotte Mart chocolate cheese candies


    They were SO yummy. Creamy and rich. Perfect because it totally fulfilled my sweet cravings but wasn’t something I’d sit and eat a million pieces of.

     Num num nummy.

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