• Happy July!

    Just like last year we hit the local country club for the 4th of July. It was pretty fantastic…and really really hot. I may have fried a bit. Oops…

    Anyway, new book, sun, entertained kids….perfect. There were storms popping up all around us but our little area stayed sunny the whole time we were there.

    Yes, that’s Timmy with no floaties running and jumping off of the diving board into the 9 ft deep end. No fear.

    After a few hours at the pool we headed home to change and relax for a bit before heading back for dinner and fireworks.

    What I didn’t do while we were home was grab my camera. I looked at it and thought about it but then walked out the door without it. Dang! Phones and fireworks just don’t work. I still tried though.


    In other news, we went shopping in Dothan for the first time in a while And I told Timmy the next time we went to Target we’d look for the stuffed eyeball he wanted. ‘Next time’ just took a few months.

    We also found this Chewie costume at a book store and Timmy was pretty freaked out by it.

    I got some buttons for my vest…

    And Hobby Lobby had the best print ever that I didn’t buy. In fact, I left the store having only spent $9! What?!

  • Not Bummer Summer 2015

    School has been out for 2 weeks now! I figured it’s time to share our Not Bummer Summer 2015 list with y’all. Here it is! Short and sweet but enough big and little things to keep us busy this summer.

    Not Bummer Summer 2015

    We’ve already been working hard on the list. Of course we’ve been swimming! And what pool day is complete without a watermelon?

    Not Bummer Summer 2015

    Not Bummer Summer 2015

    And ‘Slush’ could be crossed off a few times now. Here is our latest ‘Slushy Selfie’. We love Sonic Happy Hour!

    Not Bummer Summer 2015

    Yesterday we added bowling to our list of completed summer activities. I signed us up at www.kidsbowlfree.com which gives the kids coupons for 2 free games every day all summer (Just weekdays I think) and I paid the $20 to get myself the pass as well so we all get 2 games a day.

    Kids Bowl Free

    Not Bummer Summer 2015

    The kids beat me. It was my warm up game…

    Not Bummer Summer 2015

    Golf is on the list. Layla has been doing the Spring golf clinic through the city but due to weather and a holiday the 8 week clinic has been stretched out a lot longer. Outside of that though, T has been taking both kids to the golf course to teach them as well. They LOVE it.

    Not Bummer Summer 2015

    Not Bummer Summer 2015

    We still have quite a few things to cross off our list. Time to start planning! We are hoping for a zoo trip next week. And you know, Chill for froyo…I’m good with that any time. I really love our Not Bummer Summer lists. Not sure how long Layla will want to keep making them but at least I still have Timmy to be little for a bit longer.

  • Almost Summer

    We are in the last week of school! For Layla anyway. Timmy finished last week and has definitely been rubbing in the fact that he’s out and she’s not. But she only has a few more days, she will live.

    Before we go into summer lets take a quick look back at what we’ve been up to lately…

    DOTHAN! It had been a while. We went on Mother’s Day AND the weekend after. So much ‘big city’ lately.

    Kids got new shoes while we were there. Both got new Converse. Love them.

    We’ve been hanging out at the family pool lately too. You know, our Alabama family. So happy that it’s Sunday BBQ and swim season again.

    L had her school award ceremony last week. She made the ‘A’ Honor Roll and got a certificate for being in the school choir.

    Just loving on each other after a dinner out.

    This! I went to TJ Maxx to help Melissa find some new outfits and ended up finding this dress. I was pretty excited to buy non gym clothes for once.

    And then I wore it out to dinner when we celebrated out 12 year anniversary. 12. years. TWELVE. Geeze! We aren’t that old.

    I’m pretty excited for summer. I have the library’s summer reading program activity schedule already loaded into my planner. We’ve also completed our 2015 Not Bummer Summer list! I’ll leave that for it’s own post though.

    That’s it for tonight. Just a quick catch up and into into our summer fun. So excited!

  • Settling In ~ Vacation Recap

    Holy heck, y’all. Life is finally settling down. First, we moved back into our house from the rental. THAT was busy. Then we had new windows installed. Then we loaded up and drove to AZ for 2 weeks and then drove back. And then I had (have) a million boxes to unpack and photos to hang and laundry to do…and then L started school. 4th grade!

    I have a billion pictures from our trip to Tucson. If you’re a Facebook friend of mine you’ve probably already seen them. Either way, I figured collages were the best way to get them all out there. I tried to keep them somewhat organized but there’s a few randoms in there.


    DSC_5258 2_Fotor_Collage
















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