11 Things to Buy & Use in Korea



I’m going to switch it up a bit and make a list for y’all instead of the regular photo dump with (or without) captions. I thought I’d share a list of things that I love that make life in Korea nicer for me. Things that you should run out and get for yourselves if you’re here.


1.  T Money Card –  You load these little key chains with won and swipe them to pay for public transportation and I think maybe you can use them at some stores too? I’ve only ever used it on the train though. And they come in lots of options. Mine is Hello Kitty while Thomo just has a boring black circle.



2.  Korean toilet paper – If you live off post chances are your toilet will clog every time your 3 year old uses it. Most places when you go out have trash cans in the bathrooms to throw out your used TP instead of flushing it. Creepy. I prefer to flush…I love the Korean toilet paper. It’s thinner but doesn’t feel like cheap thin paper. And it smells good. It lasts a lot longer too. I found a brand I like and have found it once at the Lotte Super and another time at the grocery store on the main road from post on at the light before Rio Grill. If you live here that will make sense to you.



3. Reusable shopping bags – I know this isn’t just a Korea thing but I didn’t start using them until I got here. I always meant to buy the green cloth bags from the commissary but just never got around to it. Now in Korea a lot of places don’t use plastic bags. You buy your stuff and either put it in your own shopping bag or take it to a table to package it up in cardboard boxes. I usually get a new one each time I go to Daiso. Now if I could just remember them when I go to Lotte Mart or Emart…thankfully I also carry a large purse to stuff things in when I forget.



4. Drain nets – So, if you live off post you know how horribly disgusting the sink drains are. If you’re not big on scraping everything off into the trash before tossing a plate in the sink you better get on that! NO more garbage disposal. You get a big metal basket that catches all the nasty. It gets so gross. My neighbor told me about these drain nets. Still gross to pull out but better, much better, than just dealing with the basket on its own. Now, if you can find them STOCK UP because they seemed to have disappeared.



5. Amazon Prime – Let me just say…I miss the Walmarts. Amazon is my quick random shopping fix. I thought I was good with the free $25 super saver shipping. Usually I was able to find at least $25 worth of things I can’t get here that I needed. And then Amazon had a free Prime trial. I signed up. Helloooo quick $5 random buys with free shipping! Woo! But really…if you just want to buy some Not Your Mamma’s Kinky Moves hair creme because you can’t find it (or anything else) at the PX you can just hop on Amazon, toss it in the cart, check out with free shipping and it’s here in a week. Love.



6.  Big Asian pears and Korean strawberries – Ok, these don’t actually make life easier but they are super yum and you should eat lots of them.



7. Splish and Splash pass – It’s HOT here in the summer. And humid. And with off post apartments charging a ton in power bills if you leave your a/c running all the time you want to just go ahead and move into the pool. If I had a say in it I would have them open before 12pm (11am Fri-Sun). Either way…go 7 times and the half season pass is paid for. Pretty sure we’ve already done half of that and school’s not even out yet.



8. Death Air masks – So, I’ve never actually bought one of these but I’m tempted. Most of the Koreans wear these and for good reason. The yellow sand that blows in from China is full of yuck and will make you hack and not breathe. Super fun. Not to mention regular Korea air is pretty yucky too. If you’re too cool to wear the death mask then at least check out the air quality site to see how it’s looking and see if its better to just stay inside that day. You prolly don’t want to go hike a mountain on ‘red days’….but that’s up to you.  Korea Air Quality.



9. Monistat Soothing Care Powder Gel –  This may sound silly but dude..it’s amazing. A friend told me about it a few weeks ago and ordered some. I know some people are blessed with the large gap between their skinny little thighs but I am not one of them. I keep a tube in my bag now. Makes wearing shorts and skirts/dresses soooo much nicer to wear now. It’s making my Korea life better but it would work anywhere fat thighs are made to walk in the heat and humidity.



10.   IP Blocker – Sites like Unblock Us and Strong VPN allow you to change your Korea computer to an American computer so you can still use your Netflix Instant View, Amazon Prime movies. Even some You Tube videos or shows directly loaded on the tv station’s website wont work unless you have an IP blocker loaded.



11. Oven thermometer in F not C – This is a last minute add on. I never remember the conversion from C to F. We got a cheap little thermometer to hang in the oven so I know how hot I’m cooking/burning my food 🙂





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