Looking Back…Week In The Life 2009.

Tonight at dinner I was talking to Layla and comparing her at 3 to Timmy at 3. Since their birthdays are only 8 days apart I am really bad at comparing where L was to where TF is now. Bad mommy, I know.  Anywho, the initial comparing got us talking about how she was Timmy’s age when we were having our first Alabama Halloween with our new friends. It’s crazy to think that Layla and her friend Elizabeth were so tiny. I guess they were though. We decided to go through Flickr and find pictures of Layla around Timmy’s age and I came around this collection on Flickr.  I’m still proud of myself for taking and posting so many pictures! I don’t think I’m that dedicated now. Meh. Maybe I’ll try it again. I doubt it though. But maybe…

Anywho, I thought I’d share the week again now, 4 years (and 3 months) later.








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